The activity of the company Clasic Mob-Art S.R.L. consists in the design and production of art furniture, interior decoration and modern furniture, only in solid wood.

Coordinator (design, production): Negoi Petre, director of the company.

Experience in the field:
- Creative activity carried out in the Prototype workshop of the Furniture Factory: "I.P.L.M Bucuresti".
- Teaching activity at the decorative art classes of the "Nicolae Tonitza" Art High School and "Dimitrie Paciurea" High School.
- Coordination of the activity of the sculpture section of the "Heliade" Furniture and Decoration Factory, a unit of the "Carpati" Trust that made furniture decorations for the People's House.

Being a small company, but with a lot of experience in the field, we can easily respond to all requests, regardless of the degree of complexity.
We do not make mass-produced items, but only one-of-a-kind and manufactured pieces, in the true sense of the word.

The products we make respect in the smallest details the characteristics of the style in which they are framed, generally classic styles. On request, they can be customized. The ornamental compositions are made with artistic sense, the modelling of the ornaments and the expressiveness of the figurative are perfect.

As in any other field of activity, quality makes the difference.
During the Furniture Fairs, in which we have participated, our products have been appreciated by specialists, who have catalogued them as "collector's items".


In our workshop, among other things, we have executed:
- Furniture for the Cabinet of the Vice President of CEC Bank, preserving the style of the old furniture
- The sets for the "Raimund Theatre" in Vienna, for the staging of the play "Life of Mozart".
Buying handmade pieces created and worked in our workshop is a profitable investment, both for the present and for the future. Products of this category can be found in the galleries of art museums.
To convince yourself of the above, we invite you to visit the gallery on our website.